…it is starting to feel like summer. Towards the end of the week last week, we had sunny weather and the triple H threat – hazy, hot and humid. In the early morning, when I was dropping Nate off at daycare, the humidity was palpable. I could feel the condensation on my arms and the dampness in my hair.  Quite frankly, it’s not the heat that bothers me during summer. I honestly don’t mind the heat. It’s the humidity that kills me and makes me not feel like moving.

We set up Nate’s toddler bed earlier this week, after we caught Nate climbing out of the crib.  And he loves it. I think that he thinks that it’s another toy that just happens to be big enough that he can just lie down and sleep in it when he gets tired. The first morning that he woke up in it, he was able to get himself out of bed and came into our bed after I called out to him – he’d been padding around in his room. I think he likes being independent and able to get out of his bed whenever he wants to get out of it.  He’s got a good number of toys and books in his room so, here’s hoping that maybe mommy and daddy get a little bit of extra time to sleep on weekend mornings.

I have a new review up of Dreaming in Hindi by Katherine Russel Rich. You can find it here.


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