Make Way for Ducklings…

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We brought Nate into Boston today to see the ducks from Make Way For Ducklings. And of course, he loved it. We read him the book at least once a week and the ducks were just his size, so of course they were a hit. He also really liked the other swans and ducks that he saw wandering around the Public Garden.  I know that it’s not “natural” but a lot of the ducks are so used to people, that they were within inches of us, so he got a kick out of the mallards and their babies being so close, although we had to tell him to not touch and to stay away. There was also a pair of swans and one of them was sitting on their nest!!! Apparently, they are regulars to the Public Gardens and they are expecting babies so the city put up fences around the nesting grounds to keep people far away from the nest!  While we were there, one stayed on the nest the entire time, probably incubating the eggs, while the other one walked a perimeter. That one literally would swim the edges and then walk the fence line hissing and being really aggressive to other ducks and humans, for good reason – probably protecting the babies!!!

We had a really good time. AND we saw Big Papi – we were crossing over Arlington Street going towards Newbery Street and Comm Ave and he was driving this ostentatious white convertible and it was totally him!

I have a new review up also.  I finished reading:


The review can be found here.  Enjoy!


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