…with getting Nate to sleep by himself. Since we set up the toddler bed, Nate has consistently cried, screamed, whined about being put down to sleep by himself.  He will literally cry at all hours after the night, even after being asleep for a while.  Often, he will get out of bed and wander around our upstairs, finding himself at some point, climbing into our bed.  So I end up not being able to sleep and haven’t been able to for the last week or so, because he just can’t go to sleep by himself.

In some ways, I can understand that.  He wants to feel secure and for him, security means having mommy and daddy near.  On the other hand, I totally cherish my sleep and am completely frustrated by it. ::Sigh::


3 thoughts on “Struggles…

  1. That totally stinks. Sleep issues seem to come and go at different stages around here. Hopefully he’ll grow out of it, like soon? Sleep deprivation is the worst. xo

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