Sleeping issues

Nate has been having sleeping issues lately and I worry that he may be having night terrors. This is probably not something to be worried about because he will wake up, crying and calms down immediately upon one of us going into his room. My understanding of night terrors is that generally, when kids or adults have them, they aren’t aware of what is going on around them and sometimes hallucinate. That’s not the case with Nate. He totally knows what is going on and generally, I think, wants to get into our bed and sleep with us.  He’s lonely.  And it is totally keeping us awake at night. Last night, I kid you not, we were up for three hours trying to get him to go to bed. We used a combination of letting him cry it out and sitting in his room while he went to sleep.  And it leads to a lot of stress everywhere else.  I practically physically tore Izzy’s head off and throat out among other things.  Everything was getting on my nerves and I think that I may have stepped on the cat’s tail a bunch of times (but NEVER intentionally of course). I was getting annoyed and frustrated at Nate and, at one point, I went back to my bedroom, closed the door and proceeded to yell and hit pillows for ten minutes or so, until I calmed down.  It’s really frustrating when you try everything in your power to get your child to go to sleep and he just won’t. I thought that I had made it to the point where my kid was sleeping through the night.

But then, this morning, we woke up to this cute-ness:

nate19months 001

And everything was forgiven. 🙂 It will probably happen again tonight all over again.

I also have a review of this book up:


You can find the review here. Enjoy!

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