Banned Books and Censorship in Schools

This topic has made appearances in this blog before (see here, during Banned Books Week). Well, we’re revisiting the issue, nearly one year later. A local school district was contemplating a proposal whereby the school was required to apply moral standards to all reading material being taught in High School English classes. His proposal effectively banned all books that contained references to sex, racism, profanity, alternative lifestyles, the occult, or the use of drugs or alcohol.  In essence,  these kids would be stuck reading things the like of Red Fish, Blue Fish (which are great for my 20 month old, but probably not for him when he turns 17). And it was rightly withdrawn for the following reasons, according to the article:

The Students would not have the ability to recognize and adequately cope with the real world. The kids wouldn’t have anything to read because, let’s face it, even the Bible refers to sex and the Occult (no worshipping false idols, Sodom and Gomorrah and let’s not forget the use of multiple women to beget sons. Of course, this is a non-exhaustive list).

Let’s face it, parents should be teaching morality at home. They also have the duty to teach their children to think critically. School reinforces the skills of critical thinking and exposes children to new ideas and the skills they need to think critically and analyze those ideas.  As a parent, I firmly believe that it is my responsibility to know what my child is reading or watching and to discuss it with them.


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