Pneumonia, sinus infections, pink eye and reviews!

So last Tuesday, my poor little man was diagnosed with pneumonia and was put on an antibiotic for it.  I felt just plain awful. I ended up staying home with the little man on Thursday and for half a day Friday.  I knew that I was going to be in for it when I began getting a completely awful sore throat on both Thursday and Friday. On Saturday morning, I woke up with a full blown cold and a pretty good cough. I wasn’t intending to go to the doctor until I had the symptoms for at least a week, unless something completely tragic happened, because the doctor would only tell me to come back later anyways and that initial visit would have been just a waste of my time. Then, I woke up on Tuesday with a swollen, red, goopy eye and sinus pain that would make a migraine look like a cakewalk.  Lo and behold – pink eye and a sinus infection, the latter of which caused the former because according to the doctor, the sinus infection was draining into my eye. Nice. Got me some nice antibiotics and eye drops which are all working quite nicely.

I have reviewed a bunch of things at my review blog. The first is the following novel:


I reviewed this here. I have this book listed here.

I also reviewed the following web-series:


The review can be found here. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Pneumonia, sinus infections, pink eye and reviews!

  1. Hi. My nephew (10 yrs old) has had horrible sinus trouble for as long as I can remember. Poor guy had a CT Scan last week and it’s good news / bad news now. GOOD is that we feel like there may be an end in sight. BAD is that it looks like a procedure will be necessary.
    My sister is leaning toward balloon sinuplasty as the other option (sinus surgery) is supposed to be pretty tough from a recovery standpoint (especially for kids).
    Wish him luck ….

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