but not really. I’ve been in Huntington Beach, CA for the past ten days with my in laws. Here are some of my favorite misc. Cali pics:

highlandgames09 028

highlandgames09 139

disneyscenery 021

While here, we went to the San Diego Zoo.  I really enjoyed the Zoo, maybe even more than Disneyland if that’s possible because San Diego is one of only five zoos in North America, according to Wikipedia, that has a contract with China to have pandas here in captivity.  The gorillas were pretty fun too:

highlandgames09 055

highlandgames09 058

We also went to Disneyland of course. We weren’t there for as long as I wanted to be because Nate wasn’t feeling too well and it was hot and crowded.  What I particularly liked was that it was decorated for Halloween. While I really liked that aspect of it, it was also pretty surreal because it felt like summer even though it was the first day of October, pretty much.  I enjoyed it. I also rediscovered my love of pin trading and am hoping to get back into it. Here are some pics:

disneyscenery 001

There are more pictures to be found here.

In some ways, I’m happy to get back to New Hampshire.  I miss the fall weather. I love fall in New England and it’s just not right to be here, know it’s October and have it feel like summer. I’m also looking forward to planning our trip to Disneyworld in Florida for next year sometime, hopefully in the spring.

I’m not looking forward to the flight back. It’s a red eye leaving tonight and getting into Boston tomorrow at 6 AM.  I never do well with red eyes because I never sleep. I can never get to the point where I feel comfortable enough to sleep, so I end up completely sleep deprived until the night the next day.  Then, I get to sleep for maybe a few hours in the morning before I have to get up and go to a really long meeting on  a pretty important case at work.  I’m not looking forward to the stress about returning. The next few months are going to be really, really tough for me.  I won’t really get another break until Christmas-time.

On another front, as some of you may know, I have been kicking around the idea of writing a book and I think that I know what I want to write about.


One thought on “MIA

  1. Thanks for stopping by! Lovely photos! There’s a big difference between California and New Hampshire, especially at this time of year, isn’t there? I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and now live in Idaho…I really miss the ocean, but I love the seasonal changes.

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