Working all the time.

This totally leads to my stress being through the roof but it has to happen like that.  The next few weeks, at least until December, are going to be absolutely busy at work.  I will be working at least 50 to 60 hours a week, so I may not have any more time to post here until December.  It’s a long story that is completely inappropriate for me to get into on this blog for a variety of reasons, but please, take my word on it that I will be very, very busy.  I will really try to keep updating more regularly but I can’t make any promises right now.

Nate had to go to the doctor last week again, he was coughing and had a fever. Luckily, it wasn’t pneumonia again – which is what I was afraid of.  The doctor thought it might have been a sinus infection or just a second cold type of virus. We didn’t do a flu test, because, quite frankly, he said, the office ones were inaccurate and he wasn’t sick enough to be admitted.  So he gave us an antibiotic and sent us on our way. Nate hasn’t had a fever since Friday, thank goodness, but that stupid cough is still there.  I am thinking about having Izzy bring Nate in tomorrow to the doctor’s office again to have the cough checked out, because it isn’t getting better, even though he is generally doing well.

I realized this weekend that I completely miss the North Country of New Hampshire.  ::sigh:: Sometimes, life tosses us curveballs that force us to make decisions for our own preservation that we may not have made had it just been us.


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