Single parents

I give a ton of credit to single parents.  Izzy was sick over this weekend so it fell to me to take care of Nate. Izzy thinks he had the flu and he may very well have had it. But he got an antibiotic for a sinus infection when he went to the doctor on Monday and he felt better pretty quickly after that so who knows.  Anyways, I was the one that was solely responsible for getting myself AND Nate up and ready to go for the day for the frist three days of  the week and it exhausted me. I don’t know how single parents do it because it’s absolutely exhausting.

Halloween was so much fun. I was Hermione Granger because she is, perhaps, one of my favorite fictional characters and Nate was Superman. I actually brought him around Trick or treating. At first he was unsure of what was going on, very shy.  And that isn’t really a bad thing because he’s not even two yet but when he figured out that he was going to get candy, he went right up to people.  He even remembered to say “Thank you” – or at least his version of it which sounds like “Ank oooo.” My parents were also up this past weekend which was nice. It’s nice to be taken care of once in a while and to be pampered. That’s what parents are for isn’t it?

Work has been stressful and probably will be for the next two weeks. I can make it to Thanksgiving, really I can.

I have a few new reviews up over at Legal Mama so go on over and check it out.


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