smell of fire

Not the bad kind where houses are burning down, but the kind from my fireplace. I love that smell and I love the smokey smell the next day. Last night we started a fire in our fireplace because it was that kind of day out. This morning I came downstairs and the smokey smell was in my family room and it was so nice. Really comforting. It reminds me of snow, Christmas and the weeks right before I had Nate, when I was on bedrest and I started fires just about everyday because it was the coldest, snowiest winter in recent New Hampshire history. It was so nice.

Today, I have ambitious plans.  I am going to a 90 minute hot yoga class. It’s my first one. I’m nervous about it because it’s the unknown but I’m looking forward to it, I need a good yoga class.  Then I have to go the laundromat and wash our comforter – Izzy was sick last week and I don’t want the germs to fester. I have a massage scheduled too.  Let’s start a pool on whether I can get all done.

I’m already surprisingly relaxed all things considered and am happy because I’ve been able to spend time with Nate, even though I’ve been insanely busy over the last few months.


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