Life = upside down

So my life is a little bit upside down right now. Aside from work, which has also pretty much been topsy turvey the last few weeks, Nate has come down with an ear infection and maybe the flu.  I’m totally preparing myself to get the flu in the next few weeks.  At least it happened after the biggest case in my whole life, to date. Also, one of my uncles is not doing so well. He’s really sick and probably not going to make it and my Aunt (my dad’s sister and the aforementioned uncle’s wife) had a heart attack herself today.  So if I don’t post a whole lot, I’m sorry but there are other things on my mind right now.


4 thoughts on “Life = upside down

  1. Ugh, you certainly have more than enough on your plate. Hope your aunt recovers quickly, your son as well. Both of my youngest had H1N1 this year and none of the rest of us got it. Hopefully you’ll dodge it as well.

    I’m very sorry about your uncle. Definitely more than enough stress in your life.

  2. Sending prayers and healing thoughts to your family. Remember you can only eat an elephant, one bite at a time. (In other words, take it one step at a time)

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