Mama’s boy

So, lately, Nate has been very attached to momma. He calls for mommy specifically and, at our last visit to the hospital, proceeded to put his arms around my neck, place his cheek next to my cheek and run his hands through his hair and just hug me.  Not for a few seconds. He’ll sit like that for 10 to 15 minutes at a time and it’s so cute.  I love him so much and I make sure to acknowledge the hugs with hugs of my own and kisses.  The receptionist at the doctor’s office got a kick out of it, enough to call him a mama’s boy.  And you know what, he totally is.  My. Little. Man.

But it wasn’t all sweetness. We were at the doctor for a couple of things – follow-up on the tubes that were put in Nate’s ears in February and a follow up on the hearing test that was done last week. The hearing test that said that mild to moderate hearing loss couldn’t be ruled out.  And this visit did little to allay my concerns. All that we were able to decide to do was to re-test him in the next month and visit the ENT again in January to figure out further what to do.  The thought process was actually really understandable and reasonable. They want to be able to rule out an aberration or a bad test or a test that was interfered with with things like an ear infection or distractability. And Nate had an ear infection, or was in the process of getting one at least, when the hearing test was done.  Also, I don’t know if any of you have ever seen the hearing tests that they do with toddlers.  Basically, you and your toddler are in a sound proof room. The toddler sits on your lap. The audiologist is in another room looking at you through a picture window. In the room with you are two speakers, one in each corner of the room on the same side of the room as the window that the audiologist looks at you through. They play sounds through each speaker and try to get a reaction out of the toddler.  Sometimes, visual cues are used and they’ll trigger a windup toy that is in a box right below the speaker. For toddlers, I imagine, it’s really, really hard to test because if they’re not interested or they aren’t feeling well, they’re going to have nothing to do with it.

Who knows.  Just one more thing to worry about.

2 thoughts on “Mama’s boy

  1. Love on that sweet baby! There is nothing wrong with him wanting his Mommy or loving on her! I know that it is really tough to have a baby that isn’t feeling well, and how badly you want to take his place, but you will both be stronger people. Just don’t forget to breathe sweetie, and remember it’s okay to not do everything all by yourself! Your amazing and such a good Mommy!!!! Thanks for blogging on such a personal subject!

  2. I hope his hearing turns out to be normal- if they do suspect permanent hearing loss, they’ll usually confirm with a test called an ABR. It’s totally non-subjective and measures the little guy’s hearing via brainwaves (they use little sticky pads on their forehead and beside each ear, then take readings from that). Our little guy does have a moderate hearing loss and you’re right- they can get bored with the booth tests! Ours have been really accurate over the long term, though.

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