Really?! Really?!

So many of you know that I went to one of the Seven Sisters (and it’s not to hard to figure out which one). And I think that single sex colleges tend to have a certain thing about them that can scare people that aren’t open about things like, I don’t know, new ideas and discussion about all different topics from politics and religion to sexuality to just about anything really. And oh, do the sterotypes abound.  In my senior year, an article was published in Rolling Stone magazine that absolutely played into all of the stereotypes and was offensive because it absolutely disregarded every single thing that made my alma mater and my fellow alums so special. Just recently, another similar scandal has come to light regarding a current student at Wellesley – a male student there on the exchange program — and his utter hate of women.

I found a lot of what this Pham person said offensive.  It seemed that this person was really, really upset that he wasn’t impressing the ladies.  And, perhaps, he came to Wellesley with the impression that he would be God’s Gift to the women that hadn’t seen a man in quite some time and when he wasn’t given that, he got upset and either called us uptight or said we were whoring around.  Yeah. Right.

But what I found to be perhaps most offensive was that he absolutely thought that all Wellesley women didn’t appreciate ANYTHING that they were given. Now, I’m not saying that there wasn’t anyone that didn’t appreciate Wellesley. I’m sure that there were people that didn’t. But I have to say that the vast majority of women that I had contact with were absolutely grateful.  But we are, also, human after all. We do let off steam and part of letting off that steam is venting about the stress and its causes. So there was certainly a lot of that going around. And like there weren’t people that didn’t appreciate Dartmouth or any of the other schools that they went to and the opportunities afforded to them? I hardly doubt that this is something confined to Wellesley or another single sex institution.  But whatever.

2 thoughts on “Really?! Really?!

  1. What a jerk. Don’t you love it when a guy blames his problems with women on the women, and doesn’t think- hey, maybe it’s me.
    As far as gratitude, being thankful for everything I got from Wellesley was something that came after I graduated- I think I was too busy being stressed out like everyone else while I was a student!

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