Astoundingly productive

I felt like we were very productive this weekend on the home front, in spite of the snow that we got yesterday.  Case and point:

And that structure being bought, set up and decorated was only a part of the puzzle.  I did some holiday shopping and got gifts for the people I work with as well as some family members. We decorated the outside of our home with lights and wreaths as well. Nate’s eyes have been as wide as saucers for the past 36 hours – it’s the first time that he’s really cognizant of things like snow, Christmas trees and Santa.  He was so excited to wake up this morning and actually see the snow on the ground for the first time and remembered the tree that we got yesterday.  He tried to help decorate but really ended up directing us different places with the various items.

This season is my most favorite season out of the whole year.  The excitement just gets to me and makes me happy. The other side of things can be a bit rough though.  I realize, also, that people that don’t have family or can’t be with family have a rough go of it also this time of year – nothing showed me that as much as being sick over Thanksgiving and not being able to see my parents, sister, grandma and aunts, uncles and cousins. And with the snow, that means that skiing will be on by the time vacation hits me.  🙂


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