Granted it wasn’t the first actual snow fall of the season. That happened on Saturday. But it was definitely the first storm – the first real accumulation – and it happened today, right in time for the morning commute.  There was a good 2 or three inches on the ground before the plows really got out – and even when they got out, it didn’t seem to help any. At around 11 this morning, Main Street in Nashua looked like it hadn’t been plowed at all.  By this evening though, it was much better, although there was still a lot of slow driving because the snow turned to rain during the day, which meant that the snow became slush and then started to freeze over as the temperature dropped.

And Nate LOVED it.  He got so excited this morning. Izzy pulled back our curtains and let Nate look out our window and he literally started shouting “SNOW, SNOW!” It was so great.  It’s really nice to see that kind of excitement.  I want to make sure that I enjoy every minute and every second of it and I really worry that it’s all just slipping away. That part of childhood and parenthood is depressing at the same time that it’s wonderfully beautiful.

On another note, I have a new review up here. It’s on Wally Lamb’s latest.


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