Snow and Ski Day

So, today it was warm enough to go skiing!  We drove to Loon Mountain in Lincoln, NH where I got to ski and Izzy and Nate had some quality time. While not all of the trails were open yet, there were enough open that I didn’t get bored and it was empty enough that there weren’t any lines so to speak of.  You could continuously loop through the trails and the lifts.  I had only really seen this expediency during off-peak times – like a Tuesday or Wednesday in the afternoon. Some of the trails were a little crowded but nothing that couldn’t be dealt with. The highlight of my day was seeing a guy wipe and front of me and seeing his shoulder pop out of his socket.  I was close enough to him when he fell and his injury must have been serious enough that you could see it quite clearly. So I stopped, as did the person that he was with and a few other people and we got ski patrol up there.

I have resolved to learn to snowboard because right now, a few hours after the fact, my back and neck and shoulders are starting to tighten up. Are there any ski to boarder converts?  Have you tried to make the leap? Did you or didn’t you like it? Why or why not?


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