Who cares?

For those of you that have been hiding under a rock, in the last week or so, it’s been reported CONSTANTLY by the mainstream media that Tiger Woods has cheated on his wife Elin. And really, why are they reporting on such a thing?  Is it really news? I mean, people cheat, whether we think it’s ok or not.  And celebrities cheat too – they’re people.  And celebrities have cheated, are cheating and probably will continue to cheat into the future. I mean, in my opinion, nonsense like this is not really newsworthy in the sense that some other things are.  Shouldn’t we be more focused on things like:

  1. Healthcare reform, or the lack of it, and trying to figure out a way to lower costs and get coverage to people;
  2. The revolution that many Iranians dream of;

I realize that some people love gossip about the stars – it’s what they live for. And I realize that the world that we live in can lead to people feeling depressed. And you know what, I too love trolling sites like Perez Hilton or TMZ.com for the occasional mindless fun that is celebrity gossip and I love looking at pictures of what people are wearing. And it’s a nice distraction to what is going on in the world.  But that isn’t news. And neither is Tiger Woods and his extramarital activity.


One thought on “Who cares?

  1. I guess he managed his public image so well that people didn’t figure him for the cheating type. Some people with a lot less money cheat, but I guess they have fewer mistresses/boyfriends. I mean keeping up ten women is expensive. But I totally agree with you, it’s not news.

    Back to your alternate topic – Healthcare Reform. I think the proposed price exchange is going to be some type of tool to allow consumers to compare various insurance plans. Maybe that will encourage insurance companies to lower prices, but we need someway to make the hospitals and other medical providers compete. This article shows wild price fluctuations based on insurance and the facility where a procedure is done: http://health.usnews.com/articles/health/bernadine-healy/2009/09/15/to-cut-healthcare-costs-lets-start-with-the-secret-prices.html
    I think transparency in healthcare and insurance would help increase competition and drive down prices and maybe combine that with some restrictions on pre-existing conditions….

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