MIA kinda

So, I’ve been battling another sinus infection apparently. It seems that whenever I get a cold, the flu or allergies, I get a sinus infection.  I’ve been seeing an Ear/Nose/Throat specialist and went for a CT scan of my sinuses right after Thanksgiving.  I had a physical yesterday with my PCP and he and the ENT are on the same system for my records, which is GREAT because they can all see what each other is doing. Anyways, he reviewed my CT Scan briefly yesterday with me and warned me that it didn’t look so hot.  Basically, two of my sinuses have spurs that are partially blocking drainage (hence the infections – if the mucus can’t go anywhere, it just sits there and causes infection) and the other two sinuses are pretty small for an adult female.  I just googled septal spurs and basically, what they are is something – probably cartilage – that pushes part of the skin out in a bulge, kinda like the spurs you may get on your feet. Except mine are in my sinuses. This is how it’s corrected. So it looks like I may have to have nose/sinus surgery to correct it. I’m meeting with the specialist in a few weeks.  I’m really scared…it’s the second surgery I will have to have and it’s on my face. CM away from my brain.

So to help me get away from the fear, I watched these videos:

And I reviewed American Rust here. Enjoy!!


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