NYC, gratuitous cute kid pics and a bunch o reviews

Today was a really, really busy day for me!  Izzy and I got tickets from my parents to go see Wicked, the musical, which I reviewed here. Unfortunately, the weather was less than ideal – wind and rain everywhere and the tall buildings made it like wind tunnels wherever we went, so unfortunately, we didn’t get to do much sightseeing but were able to get a couple of good meals and see a good show in the meantime.  I don’t miss some parts of New York City at all – specifically Time Square.  Maybe it’s the time of year, but it was just too crowded and too bright and just not fun. I had to spend an awful lot of energy wading through layers and layers of people, and that just wasn’t fun especially in the wind and rain. But I think that’s the native New Yorker in me.  I miss being able to see good shows and eat at a ton of good restaurants. I miss diversity of people – the races, the religions, the cultures.

Anyways, Christmas itself was great as you can see:

And it was so successful, that I actually got to write a review of Olive Kitteridge, which you can find here. Enjoy!


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