What to do…

…when your newly minted two year old drops the bomb while you’re leaving the doctor’s office? I swear, at first I thought that I had just thought the word to myself. I mean, as many of you who know me in real life are fully aware, that particular f-word is my favorite word. I throw it around at the office like it’s no one’s business. One time, I wrote an entire cross examination on the witness’ use of the f-bomb, but unfortunately never got to use it because the case ended up going away.

So as we’re leaving the doctor’s office, I heard it and it registered in my mind somewhere, but I initially believed it was just me saying it in my head. We were just walking into the waiting room and heading to the door leading out of the office and I had dropped my bag, spilling the contents all over the place and Nate was running for the door. But then I saw the bewildered expression of the lady in the corner and I was like “Oh no, he totally just said it!”

Not my proudest moment ever.  Welcome to the terrible twos.

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