CVS pharmacy techs…

…should know better. Seriously. So, Nate is two. And with that age come a whole lot of developmental things that people, fondly, refer to as the Terrible Twos. And for good reason. Most of the time, they throw tantrums because toddlers are learning that they are separate people that have wants and desires and that they don’t always get what they want.  The biggest part of that is that they are individuals, and realize that they have their own likes.  One of Nate’s interests, seriously, is taking baskets or other things apart and then re-stacking or putting those items back together (must get that from his dad because Lord knows, I just leave messes!).

And that’s what he was doing today in CVS as I was trying to get my meds from the pharmacy tech. It was right in between lunch time and nap time. Nate had eaten half a grilled cheese, which is a lot for him, and was kinda cranky but entertaining himself with those red plastic baskets that CVS has. He was taking them off each other one by one and arranging them around himself. I, meanwhile, was trying to get my script from the pharmacy, all the while intending to get him to clean up when I was done. I was looking at Nate while i was getting my meds, not the tech, because he wasn’t right next to me. I like to keep an eye on him. And at one point the pharmacy tech literally huffed, glared at Nate, glared at me and then stomped around. I asked her at that point “Is there a problem?” and she was like “NO.” and got my meds. I signed for them and paid and went to get Nate to clean up, which he did and when I looked at her again, she rolled her eyes and was muttering under her breath. I was half inclined to talk to her supervisor, but really, I was trying to pick my battles.  My kid was tired and starting to whine, I had gotten my meds. I’m going to change my pharmacy to another company and write a letter to the CVS people there and just explain my reasoning and hope that this makes the difference.

I have reviewed Lark and Termite here. Enjoy.


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