The obligatory New Year’s Day Post

Gosh, I love doing these sorts of posts even though they are so cliche. So here it goes. Here’s what I want to accomplish/work on this year.

  1. I want to read 100 books. As per my last post, I’m participating in the 100 book challenge to keep motivated. If anyone wants to participate with me, please let me know. Maybe we can have an online book club on second life or skype or something. I only got through maybe 82 last year.
  2. I want to be more honest – with myself and with other people. It’s not that I’m dishonest. I guess what I’m saying is that I want to be able to say the hard things to people, even if they may not want to hear it.
  3. In tandem with number two above, I want people to be able to tell me the hard things and I want to be able to graciously accept it, not fly off the cuff or be mean about it.
  4. I want to limit my soda/coffee to two a day – one each. And limit alcohol consumption to once a week.
  5. I want to avoid putting things on my credit cards, which I’ve been generally successful with over the past year because I am working on reducing my balances.
  6. I want to blog everyday, unless I’m sick or in the hospital, both here and over at my review blog.
  7. I want to get to the gym at least three days a week – and take classes there – yoga, aerobics, whatever.
  8. I want to lose the last ten pounds of baby weight.

Speaking of reviews, I have a few new ones up:

  • Julie and Julia, the movie, is here.
  • Angels and Demons, the movie, is here.

Enjoy and Happy New Year to all.


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