…the outside of my home looked like this:

And my deck looked like this:

Now, I don’t mind snow all that much. In fact, I really like it. But it’s been snowing so much over the last few days, that I haven’t really gone outside until tonight.  And it reminded me how absolutely rough a New England winter can be on people mentally.  When you don’t get out (and you’re like me, used to being busy all the time), it’s really easy to get depressed, especially when the world around you is as gray and devoid of absolute color as it is above. However, the above is also another reason why I love being and living where we do – it makes me appreciate the summer and fall even more because it’s not with us the entire year.

I did get out tonight and went to see Sherlock Holmes, starring Robert Downey, Jr. I must admit, he’s one of my fake boyfriends.  So cute. Especially because he can sing and don’t get me started.  I particularly enjoyed seeing him lip sync in this video:

The man is perfection! Anyways, I’ll review it for you tomorrow. 🙂  I do have a review of my latest read here. Enjoy.

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