Just wow.  This past week has been rough. I got Nate’s cold late Sunday or early Monday. By Tuesday, I had full blown sinus pain that resulted in me heading to Immediate Care. They pretty much refused to give me antibiotics and recommended doing what I was already doing – sinus rinses, Sudafed and Zyrtec.  By Thursday, nothing had helped.  The status quo was being maintained – at least it wasn’t getting worse. So I called the ENT, like I was supposed to.  They never called me off. Thankfully, I had yesterday off so I called again and they were able to get me in.

I went in and it was, perhaps, the most physically painful visit, second only to childbirth. They sent a camera thing up my nose and it hurt so badly that my eyes were watering.  Apparently, it hurt so much because my nose and sinuses are wicked inflamed and swollen. They put me on antibiotics and steroids to help with the inflamation.  I’m hoping it helps. Last night, though, was the first night of good sleep that I’ve had in about a week. So, I’m hoping that this means I’m going to get over this, slowly but surely.  I’m also prepared for the surgical option because I was told, in no uncertain terms, that if this doesn’t clear up, I’m going in for surgery.  I’m not totally surprised about that because I was told that by my PCP the last time that I was there.  So I’m totally prepared. The weird thing about my sinus infections is that I never get a fever with them – they just totally wipe me out and make breathing painful. But I can’t not breath right?

Work this week has also been emotionally trying, but I’m not going to say any more than that.

Oh, as a follow up to my CVS post from last week, I filed a complaint against them and they totally sent me an apology and comped my last meds for me. They were really apologetic.

Here are new reviews for your reading and viewing pleasure:

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  2. Labyrinth, starring Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie, can be found here.
  3. Thanksgiving Night by Richard Bausch, can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Wow.

  1. Oh good grief….wow…can’t believe you’ve been going thru all this. I’m so sorry! I do hope things turn around for you soon…that has just got to suck…you have my complete and utter sympathy!

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