My heart goes out to the Haitians.  It’s awful there right now.  And no one here knows about the family and friends that they have there because the phone lines are all down.  I was just watching George Stephanopoulous and one of the people that was doing a story for his show was in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn.  There is a big Haitian population there – both immigrants and native born Americans of Haitian descent – and the reactions were very, very sobering. No one knew anything about their family members and the people that did all seemed to have lost someone and were very, very upset. What was also interesting is that the community seemed to be rallying and turning to a single man – he broadcasts the only live radio station from Haiti to the States and he was in Brooklyn.  He looked so weary and dejected – he said that he had a connection by phone at one point to a person in Port Au Prince but then lost the connection.  And he took it so personally.  It’s just an absolute tragedy…

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