Talk about no coordination

So, ever since I’ve been younger I haven’t been the most coordinated of people – my parents can attest to that. At 13, I broke my collarbone playing soccer, not because I really did anything great, but because I slipped and fell on a wet field.  At 15, I was on crutches because I tore up all the ligaments in my ankle playing soccer – by falling in a hole on the field. A flat field.  At 17, as a senior in high school I did it again, playing basketball, representing the Senior class and had to have my ankle wrapped so I could play in the playoffs for badminton (yes I was a varsity badminton player in high school). I had that same injury many, many times over the course of my athletic career. So my step class today was pretty challenging.

For those of you who don’t know what step aerobics are, here’s a video:

I couldn’t do anything without almost falling and killing myself.  What’s even worse is that in high school P.E. class, when I was like 16, I took a step class and did all right with it.  I knocked over the step at least once.  But, what’s even better, is that I had fun. I think I’m going to go back.  It was a decent cardio workout and the instructor was really, really nice.

I recently reviewed The Soloist, a movie starring RDJ and Jaime Foxx. The review is here. Enjoy!

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