Things have been really, really busy (and kind of exciting) these last few days.  On Thursday, I went to a retirement party and it was really nice – there was a really big turnout for this person, which she totally deserved. And I’l actually miss her – even though she’s not really leaving us.  Then, yesterday, I had my follow up CT scan for my sinuses. It was wierd – just as weird as the first time – they put you on this kind of table that moves up down and back and forth. Then, my head was put into this circular type of thing that reminded me of a MRI machine, but it wasn’t a tube and it moved really fast, taking pictures of my sinuses.

Also, on Thursday, I visited the allergist for the first time and they did allergy testing on me. It turns out that I’m pretty much allergic to everything except for animals, food and mold. I’m allergic to all trees, grass and flowers.  I’m also allergic to dust.  That explains an awful lot, but maybe now I’ll get answers from the ENT.

I reviewed my latest read:

The review is here.

I also have a new Twitter account. I fixed the URL in the sidebar so be sure to add me.


2 thoughts on “Busy-ness

  1. I had a CT scan once for a staph infection; those things are freaky. But they’re better than being in a full-body MRI! I’m sorry to hear about your allergies but knowing is half the battle and hopefully you’ll be able to get some good treatment. 🙂

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