What was THAT?

So, I had a weird, weird dream last night, when I got to sleep (because Nate was up at all hours again). The dream started with me calling the police about how these people were after a baby – and I was holding the baby. It was dark out – pitch black.  People from the local child services agency had arrived before the police, for some reason and for some reason again, had attempted to gain control of the baby and the situation without police back-up or protection. Then, for some reason, I ended up kicking one of them in the shin but instead of the person just yelping in pain (which would be a normal reaction to being kicked in the shin – that’s what happens when I get kicked in the shin because it HURTS) his shit literally split horizontally in two. I could hear and see the bone break – in facts bits of it were coming through the skin. It was at that moment that I realized that I too was a vampire.  It was weird. Anyways, at some point minutes later the police arrived and one of them was with me. I think that at this point, I realized and I had made the police officers realize, that I was a good vampire. The bad vampires – there were at least four of them that I could see – were chasing us. We were running through the backyard of my childhood home at night again towards the back, where there was a drainage type of stream and forest. The yard wasn’t lit. As we got halfway through the yard, one of the vampires decided to shine the light across the backyard and when they saw us, they came after us.  I knew they were coming fast. I jumped over a fence and kicked through another one before I woke up.  Really weird.

It was just very, very odd.  I hadn’t been reading or thinking about vampires.  Just bizarre.


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