I know that I haven’t posted in a good long while – since Monday or the weekend at least – but this week has been absolutely awful for me on just about all levels and it isn’t going to get better until tomorrow afternoon. I’m just going to leave it at that.

The only good thing that has really happened is that Nate had his ENT appointment yesterday – they were checking the tubes and seeing if his hearing has improved. While one of the tubes was out, his hearing is much better – the follow up test showed it and the fact that he is talking a whole lot more shows it. I’m hoping that this weekend is quieter then things have been this week, filled with motions writing and getting training materials together and then just relaxing and maybe watching movies and cooking/baking. My goal of trying one new recipe every week fell by the wayside last week so I need to re pick that up.  AND some of my way cool co-workers are going to teach me how to knit starting tomorrow! I’m so excited. 🙂


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