The storm

So, this past week, we had two back to back storms. The one from Tuesday into Wednesday wasn’t too bad – and by that, I mean it didn’t give us anything that we haven’t seen before. There was snow – a moderate amount for here – and the roads were a mess because our local town doesn’t plow very often or very well (and in spite of the fact that we live within 3 minutes of an elementary school, on the same street). Then, it turned to rain by the afternoon, which was good because that helped to clean away all the snow from the streets.

The one from Thursday to Friday wasn’t as kind to us. There were winds that nearly rose to the level of hurricane force in just about all of New Hampshire, even the places that are in the valleys and not on the mountains (think Monandnock or Mt. Washington).  There was a lot of rain too but the winds were the problem.  Approximately 200,000 to 300,000 New Hampshirites are without power.  There are trees down and wires down all over the place. As I drove Nate to daycare yesterday, I looked over to a side street and saw a big pine had fallen and blocked the street. Luckily, it hadn’t hit a home.  The Burger King sign at the BK by his daycare had the plastic signs on both sides blown completely off – they were hanging off the sign by threads.  As I passed by Greeley Park on my way to work, I saw a tree leaning on live electrical wires. The wires were still attached to their wooden poles and the tree was leaning on the wires, creating a V shape with the wires. The wires were a few feet from the paved walkway and the wooden poles were starting to lean with the weight.  Luckily, there was already a DPW crew there.  Our grill was blown off of our deck and into our backyard. I found it upside down when I went to go start my cars. It has been bad enough that our Governor declared it to be a state of emergency.

We were lucky – we have electricity, running water and our roof still. I know that some people are missing one if not all of those things.  We haven’t had to go to a shelter or hotel, like we did about a year ago during the ice storm. Last night, we had fun too – we started a fire, roasted marshmellows and watched E.T., which Nate was fascinated by for some reason.  Maybe it was because E.T. is the same size as him. It can’t be because he was an attractive alien. 😛

I have a new review up as well – here. I haven’t been reading as much – I’ve been tired and just haven’t been feeling well. But we’re going on vacation on Saturday so maybe I’ll have the ability to read then.


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