Long Day

So today is the last day of our vacation – we’re heading back home tonight. And of course I’m bumming.  It has rained the last two days and today is sunny which is like Mother Nature giving us the big old middle finger. Our vacation was really great, in spite of two days of rain and having to spend half a day in the local urgent care (Nate had a fever and, it turns out, another ear infection). But we had a really good time. I swear! See:

We also joined Disney’s Vacation Club and the system is really interesting. You get points per year to spend on the Club resorts – where the rooms are more like apartments than hotel rooms. You get washer/dryer, kitchen etc. and they are usually located in more private resorts, that are DVC resorts only.  Our home resort just happens to be Bay Lake Towers, which are at the Contemporary, but we can stay at any of the other DVC resorts if we wanted to.

I didn’t get as much pin trading done as I wanted but I was able to purchase a few pins from the various vendors that I can hopefully add and trade for what I want in the long run.

Our day is long: packing, more MK and then going home by 11 tonight.


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