MIA and big news

So, we were on vacation at WDW a few weeks ago and it was a successful trip. How do I know? Case and point:

When both of boys are passed out, that’s a good sign.

I have, unfortunately, been very busy and battling both a sinus infection AND an ear infection. Thankfully, there are antibiotics, like Amoxicillin, that you can take during pregnancy. Yes, you read that right, during pregnancy. I am pregnant. I am going into my 13th week – I’m due at the end of September or the beginning of October. Because, you know, the dates are really fluid after all.  It’s really an inexact science and all that.


3 thoughts on “MIA and big news

  1. Can’t wait to play with the new baby! and I miss little Nate. About your sinus infection…yes I am going to sound like an aunt now…only because I have had some big issues years ago with migraine headaches due to swollen sinuses. (how sexy) I went to an allergist, got tested and found I was allergic to lots of things. You should have mostly wood floors, pulling up your rugs that hold onto dust, pet hair and dander may help you heaps! Especially in your bedroom! Keep the door closed to keep the cats out! (Not allowed on the bed!) Have Izzy Install a central vacuum system. (Not hard, Lee did it himself.) These things might help you. It helped me alot. Hope to see you soon;-)

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