Dealing with it all

So, there are definitely somethings that I’m more relaxed about with this pregnancy, for sure.  I am not afraid of exercising or being active this pregnancy – in fact, I’ve been feeling better generally with the more activity that I do.  BUT there are at least two things that I still obsess over and get really, really nervous about – medications during pregnancy (even when the doctor says they’re “safe”) and getting sick.

There are certain medications that are generally considered safe for use during pregnancy – Class B medications. I have had to be on antibiotics twice during this pregnancy – Amoxicillin – which is, apparently, the safest of all antibiotics that you can prescribe to a pregnant woman. I also have to take Claritin D now because I have really bad allergies (I’m allergic to every single kind of tree and grass and flower in the region apparently) and they are made worse during pregnancy. If I don’t take Claritin, I get really congested – as in my head is about to explode and then it drains into my ears so I can’t hear and into my eyes to give me pink eye.  I end up with sinus infections and, this last go around, I had an ear infection also.  I usually take the Claritin every other day – the 12 hour Claritin – D and find that it works and I’m not taking it every day. But I still get really, really nervous about taking anything during pregnancy, even though the doctor said that it was ok (remember Thalidomide?!).

The other thing is getting sick. Nate was sick for like 2-3 days with a stomach bug. He threw up twice overnight Tuesday and finally went back to school on Friday after having thrown up for the last time Thursday in the early  morning hours.  But now, I’m fairly certain that I’m dealing with that too. I haven’t thrown up yet but my stomach feels really off. While I’m not upset about the inconvenience of throwing up (like I said, I’ve had more morning sickness this pregnancy) – I’ve thrown up a lot more this pregnancy. I can handle it. I worry about the dehydration and maybe fever and not being able to eat enough.

I think I’m going to go to bed and relax and hopefully be able to be on th emend tomorrow. The good news is that the virus seems to move quickly. Nate was feeling much better within 48 hours. So at least that’s a good thing.


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