Remembering Marathon Mondays from days past

So, last week, on Monday, was Marathon Monday here in the area close to Boston. The Boston marathon is always run on Patriot’s Day, a Monday and it always used to go by the college that I was at.  We were at mile 13, and that area was affectionately known as the “scream tunnel” or “Screetch alley” because I guess that we used to cheer noticeably louder then perhaps other spectators did. Check out the pictures here.  Here’s some video (not of when I was there, but enough for you to get the message):

I used to LOVE Marathon Mondays – we got a day off from classes. Often, bands would come and play on the greens or in the student center and of course, there were parties that lasted all day. Picnics and cheering and lots of other good stuff.  It was always a nice break from the day to day nonsense – a break that I don’t necessarily get now. There were things that I worried about in college that I look back at and laugh at now because my worries now are so different.  Life changes I guess. It’s been over ten years since I started college and next year is my TEN YEAR reunion.  CRAZY.

I know that I haven’t really been around a lot lately to blog, but I have a lot on my plate right now and quite frankly, life is a little rough in general.  But I’m hoping that it will get better. At least the movie that I watched last night gave me something nice to look at for three hours.

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