has resulted in me falling down and breaking my ankle in three different places.  Wonderful.  It’s been just about 36 hours since it happened.  Yesterday I was in so much pain. Today the pain is somewhat better but still there, ever present.  I don’t know if that means my threshold for pain has been increased or it’s because I’ve been off my feet more or because the Orthopedist re-did the cast/splint that is on my leg so that it isn’t as tight as it was yesterday.  I am afraid to take the Vicodin prescribed to me because I’m pregnant.  AND I have to have surgery.  They are putting in plates and pinning everything back together again.  I’m pretty sure that it’s a permanent fix.  I will, forever more, set off the metal detectors in the airport.

What I am truly concerned about is having surgery while pregnant.  Has anyone ever done it?  I mean, yes it’s my ankle so in THAT sense, it’s not so invasive. I just worry about the anesthesia.  The Orthopedist cleared it with the obstetrician before deciding what to do – it was either going to be surgery or casting it right there in the office – which may have meant re-breaking and re-setting which wouldn’t have been good. I’m out of work for the next two-three weeks though, possibly more depending on how bad the swelling is after it’s done. The doctor said that the swelling is usually down a lot in a week or two afterwards but pregnancy means increased blood flow everywhere, which could make it that much longer.  I worry about the pain after the surgery and what I should take. Right now I’m just limiting myself to Tylenol every 4-6 hours, but as many as you know Tylenol doesn’t do a whole heck of a lot. Anti inflammatories are an absolute no no in pregnancy so the swelling is being controlled by me keeping my ankle above my heart – which can get awkward sometimes – keeping off my feet as much as possible and icing.

I’m watching a lot of TV but there’s only so much TV one can watch.  I’m watching the Tin Man series from SyFy right now – pretty interesting take on the Wizard of OZ.

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