Surgery worries

So I definitely need to have surgery; but I’m very nervous about it.  Yes, it’s only my ankle. It’s not as invasive as, say, a C-Section or an appendectomy or a gallbladder removal but it’s a surgery nonetheless. And with surgery, comes anesthesia, which is what is really worrying me. I’m pregnant.  I’m scared about the anesthesia totally screwing up everything with regards to my pregnancy. Yes, I’m actually worried about the baby. While we were in the orthopedist’s office on Thursday, I told him that I was pregnant.  He left the room and went to go call my obstetrician because he wanted her blessing before they did any sort of surgical intervention.  He also pretty much said that if she said no, he would just cast me right in the office and that would be how we treated that. He didn’t seem all that excited about casting it – perhaps because it would have been more painful to cast it and the results wouldn’t have been as good. The obstetrician ended up saying that it was ok to do the surgery and that it was ok to take vicodin as a painkiller afterwards. They would have an OB nurse monitoring the baby before, during and after the surgery to make sure that everything was ok and the anesthesiologists would be notified beforehand by both the doctor and by me that I was pregnant.

I know that I should trust my doctors but I’m still really, really worried about it. In the back of my mind, I also really worry about the pain after the surgery. It’s pretty well known that I’m a big baby – I have a very low tolerance for discomfort and pain.  I had a really hard time within the 24 hours following this break and I’m sure that it’s going to get worse before it gets better. I’m dealing better with the pain now – Tylenol, elevation and icing my ankle have helped tremendously – but will Tylenol cut it on the other side?


One thought on “Surgery worries

  1. Well, I’d be scared too, for both the baby and the pain, but lots of pregnant women do just fine. I bet you will too. Don’t be afraid to take the painkillers they offer either, I believe in this day and age, they wouldn’t offer them if they didn’t believe they were safe.

    Best of luck to you. I’ll pray for you.

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