Rough Times At Ridgemont High

So last night was a bit rough here. I had a hard time falling asleep and then when I did, I ended up waking up again and again. I couldn’t get comfortable. It’s a tad hard to see the end of the tunnel, or over to the other side of the hill. The anxiety keeps mounting and getting higher and higher – I wouldn’t be scared if it were just me.  But it isn’t.  And I can’t help myself from googling everything about it.

I’ve been very lucky to have very nice, great, supportive friends that are around. Friends who have called to check in to make sure I’m ok and to see if I need anything and that makes me feel wonderful.  Thank you, thank you, thank you – I can’t say it enough.

One good thing about being bedridden, is the amount of television and reading that I’ve gotten done has gone up tremendously. I actually watched Blade Runner for the first time ever (I know, I know – how could I not have seen it before right?! And how many times have I said that to people about other movies, like, say, Star Wars?!). Just remember to check out the new review blog for updates – they’re happening more regularly now.

4 thoughts on “Rough Times At Ridgemont High

  1. Ugh! You may already be doing this, but I’ve found with leg injuries (I’m quite the veteran) that sleeping on your side with your top leg bent and then up on a pillow can be a little better…it’s a good position for icing, too, if the bad leg is on top.

  2. I tried to watch Blade Runner for the first time earlier this year, but I didn’t like it, and I ended up turning it off. Those who love the movie seem to really love it, though, so I assume I must have been missing something.

  3. I hope you recover quickly. 😦 I sprained my ankle badly a couple of years ago, and it’s rough going.

    To answer your question over on my blog, Raven Used Books is at 52-b JFK Street; they’re one of the basement shops near Berk’s shoes. they also recently opened a second location on Newbury Street, 263 Newbury in Boston. When you’re feeling better, I hope you can get out there soon. both are awesome stores.

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