progress I guess

So the surgery itself went well.  I was awake for the entire surgery – but not because I didn’t have anesthesia.  They gave me a spinal block because that would result in less anesthesia being passed to the baby and less risk of things like preterm labor.  The baby is pretty much fully formed right now, it’s just cooking so to speak, so the more time it stays in there, the better. They were able to get the baby’s heart beat before and after surgery and things seemed ok.  So that was a relief.  It was also a relief to learn that less metal work had to be put into my leg than had originally been thought because most of the bones had set themselves before getting there, with the exception of one.  One plate was put in on the front portion of my ankle (the part that would face up at you if you were sitting with your legs out in front of you) with a number of screws – don’t remember the exact number but it was like 6 or 7 in order to keep the plate in place. Unfortunately, the resulting pain and swelling have been out of control. I didn’t sleep at all the night after the surgery due to the pain – neither the percocet or the Vicodin were working – but today, the percocet began to work so I’ve been more comfortable.

I have been worried about taking the pain killers but the doctor said that as long as it’s short term – a few weeks – and I am off of it by the time that I give birth, there shouldn’t be a problem of addiction for either me or the baby. They are more worried about addiction and withdrawals then anything else at this point, which is somewhat reassuring I guess, but the sleep deprivation and the pain make me really, really worried. I have been crying a lot over the past few days – out of pain, frustration, worry, fear, you name it.  I hate being bed-ridden – I can’t get out of bed unless I am going to the bathroom because I need to keep my ankle elevated (it also feels better that way) but that means that I can’t get into a comfy position to sleep or to eat or anything like that, which means I’m hungry and tired a lot. It’s also really hard to bath – sponge baths only because I’m not weight bearing and because I can’t get the cast that they put me in wet.

I’ve heard that this gets better from here on out but I still have a hard time seeing it unless I’m there…


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