…so I still have some pain. It’s less than I had on Tuesday after my surgery but still some pain. I guess that is to be expected. It’s been two days since I’ve taken a Percocet – I’m using Tylenol extended release tabs to manage my pain and I’m elevating and icing. I’ve also been stuck in bed for close to two weeks only getting up to go to the bathroom and bath.  Sometimes eat. I want the pain to go away so much more quickly than it has.  I really do.  I also don’t want to be on bedrest anymore, but I realize that they are, perhaps mutually exclusive.  I can’t have less pain unless I’m resting it so I guess it’s better to just rest, even though I’m going stir crazy. I can’t stand to watch anymore tv or read anything else. I sleep intermittently. I usually end up taking a nap around noon, falling asleep for the night at around 8 or 9, waking up at around 1 and not falling back asleep until about three again.  Part of the problem is that I cannot find a comfortable way to sleep with my leg elevated so I end up falling asleep because I’m so exhausted and need to sleep. I don’t even remember falling asleep, only waking up and thinking to myself that I must have fallen asleep.  Also, my back, backside and legs in general get very tight by being on my back all the time. I can’t and/or don’t want to be sleeping or sitting in any other position because my ankle has to be above my chest in order to reduce swelling. Soon, hopefully, all will be better.

2 thoughts on “Ugh…

  1. Well Melissa, Now’s a good time to do something else…soduku…a puzzle…scrabble with Iz…a video game or two…how ’bout that knitting or crocheting you always wanted to do…te he…poker for money is always good;-P. Write that book you always wanted to write…kidding. Anyway, glad to hear that the pain is subsiding. Hope it goes away totally real soon. Miss ya kiddo. Be well.

  2. Hey, Sorry to hear about your ankle. When I broke my foot and had to be in my cam walker 24/7, I got a body pillow and folded it over and it was enough to support my foot while I slept on my side. Do you by chance have a recliner that you could sleep in?

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