Post op visit number one

So I went to go see my doctor for my first post op visit today and got put in one of those air cast moon boot type of things. You all now what they are – the ones, usually gray, that come up to your knee and cause people to walk around in a manner that makes Lurch look like he walks almost normally.  It’s really sexy, let me tell you.  When Nate saw it for the first time, he was enthralled – I called them my Buzz Lightyear boots – and he acted almost reverently after that.

There were a couple parts of the visit that were pretty upsetting to me – the first part was when they took off the ace bandage and splint for the first time and proceeded to take out the staples. The swelling had gone done – don’t get me wrong it was still swollen. But my leg was a mixture of green, yellow, purple, blue and red on top of the yellow iodine that was there since the surgery.  The staples looked just scary awful.  Not really bad as in infected, but just scary to look at – it was like Dr. Frankenstein had decided to put an addition to my leg on. Even though I’m in the boot, unfortunately, I am still not allowed to put a lot of weight on it – the Dr. said to start acting like “I was walking on eggshells.” Now that means that, pretty much, when i’m walking to the bathroom, I can put my right foot down lightly once in a while. I’m still on bed rest to the exclusions of all other activities for the next three weeks. I can’t go back to work quite yet.  I’m going to go insane.  Absolutely insane.

I am also going to start stretching my ankle – my Achilles Tendon is pretty tight. I had a hard time getting my ankle into a right angle to get into the boot.


2 thoughts on “Post op visit number one

  1. Start writing the A-B-C’s with your foot. It will help strengthen the muscles around your ankle. You’ll use all of the muscles. That is what I did when I broke my foot and it made a world of difference. Oh that would be both upper and lower case. Good luck

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