Wierd dreams

There are some theories of psychoanalysis that state that dreams are a window into our souls or our psyche or whatever and if you believe that, then the dream that I had last night reveals some interesting things.  I dreamed that I was in some sort of mega-controlling relationship.  I don’t know if it was a domestic relations type of case – boyfriend/girlfriend – or if I was in a job that was really controlling. I think that it was a combination of the two because there were multiple people there that weren’t just family members and the boss, a male, wasn’t just a boss.  Anyways, the boss was very, very controlling. He had done stuff like take my license and car keys and locked them up in a safe. He had also taken my passport and locked it up with the other things and when I eventually found it, it had this orange card stapled on the back that said something along the lines of “Found in the trash cans that dogs eat out of.”  So I had decided that I needed to get out and then began packing, gathering my paperwork and deciding where to go to.  I eventually decided that I was going to fly to another country – like Turkey or something – and I was in a tremendous rush to get everything together because the head honcho was on his way back. I managed to get everything together and was collecting change because I knew that I would be in a rough spot financially. As I was getting in my car to drive off, I wondered whether i had managed to get my passport. But then I woke up.

Really weird huh?


One thought on “Wierd dreams

  1. I can’t even imagine anyone even TRYING to control you Melissa. LOL! Try not to eat spicy foods before you go to bed!

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