Doctor’s appointment

Not with the orthopedist though – I don’t have my next appointment with him for another two weeks, which has its own frustrations. I want to get back to work, but I am not going to know until I get back to the doctor.  But we went to the obstetrician yesterday and got our ultrasound.  The doctor said that things looked all right. He found the baby’s heartbeat right away and everything looked all right. Then we had our ultrasound. The ultrasounds never fail to amaze me – the baby looked good.  We saw her hands (I swear, she was waving at us and playing peek a boo – she would put her hands up to her eyes and then move them and then do it again).  And she was stretching and just looking pretty good.  And yes, it is a girl.  We’re having a little girl.  🙂 I didn’t think that she would cooperate because of the position that she was in, but eventually she came around.


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