Busy, busy

Even though I’m not mobile. I left the house four times this past weekend. I know you’re probably thinking, “What?! How is THAT a big deal and why aren’t you doing that more often?!” But when you’re five months pregnant and hauling it around on crutches because you broke your ankle in three places and had to have surgery, anything that involves more mobility then, say, sitting on my chair in the living room is really difficult, especially when your ankle starts to protest if you’re bumping it around.

But anyways, on Saturday, we went to Target. They didn’t have wheelchairs there but they did have those scooters that you can ride in. I made a huge mistake and didn’t use one. By the time that I was done, I thought that I was going to DIE.  You don’t realize how big those stores can be when you’re trucking it around on just crutches.  It was a good workout though, but made me really tired and sore – I think that I have a bruise in my armpit. Note to self: next time, use the damn scooter.  I admit, that I committed one of the sins in not using one – pride.  I, wrongfully so, have negative associations with the scooter and, because of those associations, opted not to use one.  WRONG. It’s ok to use it and it’s ok to ask for help – must remember that.  I think that one of my readers commented that this may have happened to teach me to ask for help and she may have a point…

On Sunday, Izzy took me out for breakfast – and I was really happy to get out of the house again. It’s really depressing to not get out and around, especially when I was so busy before (what with a two year old, a full time and busy job and life in general). Then, we went to the mall. I learned my lesson and got a wheelchair this time.  It was nice to get there, even though I didn’t buy anything.  I showed Izzy the Pandora store in the mall (gave him lots of hints about a push present) and we had lunch. I even got a decaf iced latte! YAY! Then, we had dinner at a new Mexican restaurant near our house – I think it was El Tapatio. It is in Pennichuck Square in Merrimack. It’s dine in – I don’t think that they have take out yet because it’s fairly new. I was not impressed. It was really small – so small that I had problems navigating around on my crutches.  The booths were REALLY small. I couldn’t fit my boot underneath the table. I also couldn’t fit my crutches there either – there was no place to conveniently put them.  I was cut off or run over by servers at least three times as I tried to get to my table or to leave the place, as I was hobbling around on crutches, and nearly wiped out.  It was also *really* loud. So loud that I had to shout at Izzy, in spite of the fact that we were sitting practically on top of each other in the booths…I think I’ll pass the next time.


One thought on “Busy, busy

  1. I hope you recover quickly. I can’t imagine how difficult all this must be. Malls and restaurants are the worst on crutches- good for you for using the wheelchair. I hobbled across the mall once on crutches and it was just awful. Oh, the pain. And it’s amazing how quickly I’d get tired out. I hope this all passes soon.

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