Back to work and lots of babies being born!

So, I have been absolutely remiss in posting over the last week or so and there has been a ton of news!

Firstly, congratulations are in order to:

  • Nicole, Geoff and Abby for the birth of Chase!
  • Tony and Bianca on the birth of Isaac!
  • Justin, Jodie and Andrew on the birth of Daniel.

Literally within maybe 5 or6 days, three babies were born. It is crazy! And they were all really healthy babies thankfully.

I also had my orthopedist appointment on June 3, a little over a week ago, and was cleared to go back to work but not to drive. I still have to wear the boot (see picture below) pretty much constantly but I can get some respite from it. I can take it off to shower and to do some basic range of motion exercises (think flexing and pointing your foot four times a day for about 20 or 25 minutes at a time). I was also cleared to put 50% weight on the ankle for two weeks then go to 100% weight bearing in the boot.  I tried one crutch on Thursday and part of Friday, after being on two crutches with weight bearing and have decided to go back to two crutches for the time being – I was really sore and swollen yesterday.

I am so happy to put weight on it again and to be back at work, even though I’m pretty much wiped out when I get in the car to get home. Not mentally necessarily (although that happens) but physically because I’m slinging myself around on crutches all the time. I never realized how much we were on our feet until I didn’t have both feet to work with.

And now, a gratuitous boot picture:


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