Still here

Just a lot has been happening!

Last weekend, we brought Nate to the Ribfest in town. It was something to do and helped to get me out of the house for the weekend. At the time, and still a little bit now, I tend to be scared to get out and walk around because of my ankle. And Nate ended up in the paper!  The photo is here. Of course I ordered one and am working on getting it framed.

I’m also back to work – it’s been about two weeks now – and I’m glad.  I much prefer work to being on my couch, even though I can’t watch the World Cup games live. AND over the last few days, I’ve been walking around on the boot without crutches.  It definitely feels weird sometimes – it almost feels more like a sprain right now than a break but I’m not going to push it.  There are definitely times that I’m still scared to put weight on it and I tend to carry around one crutch with me, just in case.

On the family front, yesterday we brought Nate to see his first movie in the movie theater – we went to see Toy Story 3.  And he did remarkably well. He sat there for the entire movie, with little fuss for the most part. Since it was 3-D, we had glasses that we had to wear, which didn’t always stay on Nate’s head. But he didn’t yell or scream or run around and for the most part, when he didn’t want the glasses he would take them off and hand them to either me or Izzy.

I also had my 24 – week OB appointment on Friday afternoon. It’s so hard to believe that I’m into my third trimester. I am just starting to look pregnant.  I swear that before, I only looked like I was gaining weight – getting fat. Ha.  But everything was good.  Baby’s heartbeat was normal and when they measured my belly, it was measuring appropriately too.  I am feeling movement more and more often now.

I also just finished Stieg Larsson’s newest novel (new in the sense that it was just published here in the States – I guess it’s been out for a while before being translated and published here). My review is here.


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