A somewhat lazy Sunday and a New World Cup Champ

So I consider today to be a “lazy” Sunday in the sense that I didn’t have any particular schedule upon which to accomplish things by, unlike my normal days when I’m on a much more rigid schedule. I went to the office this morning to prep and get stuff done. Then I went shopping and got a pregger style bathing suit. Now that I’ve been cleared to swim, I’m hoping to head to the Y a few times a week to jump in the pool and do a few laps.  It’s supposed to help with ankle mobility and will hopefully help alleviate the pregnancy joint aches that I’m starting to feel. I then napped a little and watched the World Cup Final – congratulations to Spain, even though I was totally pulling for the Dutch. 

 Then I started cooking – I have been trying to cook for the week so that we have stuff to warm up and I have stuff to bring to work for lunch – I find that I can save a lot more money if I actually bring lunch to work instead of buying lunch everyday or so. I made chicken paella, lime and honey chicken and some chopped salad.  I can use the chicken for salad for lunches AND I can bring leftover paella that we don’t eat for dinner tomorrow.  Nate actually also really likes both things – he’s such a carnivore. He generally eats fairly heathily although we have to try to limit his demands for chocolate milk a little more.

We did some laundry and then Nate decided he was going to show off his favorite toys:


This particular toy, for those of you that didn’t grow up in the 80’s, is Scooter from the Muppets. This particular doll holds some special meaning because it used to be MY Scooter doll. He literally went everywhere with me – on long trips, to daycare, you name it.  Now, Nate has it.

Of course, he also has this fellow:


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