World Cup Memories

I have been to two World Cups in my lifetime. Yes, two. This one:

And the ’99 Women’s World Cup (ironically, I couldn’t find the logo for it – the only picture that came up was Brandy Chastain taking her shirt off after she scored the winning goal – but that’s a topic for a whole different blog post). Anyways, the reason for this nostalgia is because we’ve been watching the World Cup from South Africa and by we, I mean mostly Nate and I. My husband, while he has lots of interests (I’m sure, though very few that we actually have in common), doesn’t care all that much about sports, let alone soccer.  So it’s just Nate and I.

The 94 World Cup was insane!  We went to a bunch of the games in the first round – the group round – and I think to either the quarters or the semis. I loved Italy and we saw them a whole lot – we went to the Meadowlands in NJ to see them. Which was just plain awesome because you KNOW that all of the Italians live in NJ/NY.  And it was unlike any other sporting event that I’ve ever been to. People managed to keep excited and cheering and singing and chanting for the entire 90 minutes that the games lasted. And the curses too – man, I learned so much. 😉

Anyways, this leads me to my next hope/point. I really want to bring Nate (and the future baby) to something like that if I can. I had fun and I hope that he would have fun. He had fun just watching the games in our living room – who knows what would happen if he actually went to the games!


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