28 weeks and counting

So, I’m officially in my third trimester. I’m 28 weeks pregnant. 7 months. With it comes a lot more stuff to deal with in this pregnancy.  Ankle swelling, at least in the broken one, to the max.  Because it has been so hot, by the time that I get home, my ankle is about the size of a softball. I don’t think that this is necessarily because I’m pregnant, but because I did a good job breaking it. I’m definitely feeling very uncomfortable. Tired a lot mostly and having trouble sleeping at night sometimes because my stomach gets in the way and sometimes because my brain just doesn’t shut off. I had to take the glucose tolerance test on Thursday and I haven’t gotten a phone call so I’m assuming that I don’t have gestational diabetes, a good thing. My appointments are now every two weeks until close to the end.  I did a VBAC consult, which I’ve decided that I’m going to try. I actually made that decision quite some time ago – way before I got pregnant this time around.

Physical therapy has been going well. Part of it means I have to do exercises at home – both strengthening and Range of motion. i’ve been doing them as directed and I think it’s helping but it’s so hard to tell…

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