Dear Giselle,

I understand that the reason that this article was published was because you’re a super model, with Tom Brady and are (one) of his baby’s mama. I get it. Normally, something like this wouldn’t make the news. But it did and I want my opportunity to weigh in, because, hey, I can and you’re famous.

I think that I understand what you were trying to say. I’m a mom. I have a son and am about to have another child, so I’ve been hearing that “breast is best” from everyone since my son was in utero.  And I think that’s part of what you were saying. I don’t think that I found that part of your statement offensive at all because I think it’s true.  It’s better for a baby’s immunity and fosters bonding between mother and child.  And I think that you may have a point in talking about wanting our children to be fed healthy food, as free of chemicals and drugs and other bad things as possible.  What I think people found offensive was the tone that was used and how you came across.  Some of the things that you said came across as pretty shallow and self centered – the fact that you only got skinny because you breast fed and that you stopped breastfeeding after three weeks (three weeks?!) because you couldn’t take people taking pictures of you.  Also, you came across as judgmental of women that didn’t breastfeed or couldn’t breastfeed.  There are women that struggle to breastfeed – mechanically in the sense that they can’t get their infants to latch on or biologically in the sense that they can’t produce enough milk for their baby, so they have to supplement. Sometimes, babies lose so much weight so fast (like my son did) that they have to supplement in order to make sure that they don’t lose so much weight that they have to be hospitalized and fed through IV tubes.  Some infants just can’t figure it out.  And that’s ok. There’s nothing wrong with it.  Like you eventually said, we’re all moms just trying to do our best.

I think what could also be offensive is that it’s not life you breastfed for a year, 6 months or even one month.  You breastfed your baby for three weeks, and are trying to pass yourself off as better than the person that didn’t breastfeed at all.  That was also offensive.

That being said, I truly appreciate you trying to raise awareness about breastfeeding.  I think it’s admirable and I wish that more celebs would do it; however I think that there are ways to do it that are empathetic, respectful and sensitive to the pressures that moms face when it comes to this and i wish that you had figured out that approach.

Love, Me.


9 thoughts on “Dear Giselle,

  1. I actually found her comments more idiotic than offensive. They would be offensive if her opinion on the subject mattered at all, but since I had no respect for her to begin with- and since her notions were so off base- I just kind of chuckled at her stupidity. She has a lot to learn. I have a feeling it won’t be long before she gets a rude awakening about a few things. Sadly, she is with someone who left his first baby mama WHILE SHE WAS PREGNANT to be with HER. Uh, that one will come back around soon enough. Secondly, being a mom is a tough job. Either she does it herself, and realizes this fact, or she gets help and continues her denial. But even if all the nannies in the world helped her with the details, they wouldn’t help her sleep at night knowing SHE did her best to raise that baby. She shouldn’t be holding her head so high either way. Even if she did it all on her own, and did a great job- that’s no more than the masses of moms do around the world every day. All we can do is our personal best.

  2. Dawn, Dawn my love, pick the beam out of your eyes before you start picking it out of Gisele and her husband Tom, what a load of crap you post here, I feel really sorry for you – it matter because here you are rant and raging about it, you are a moron and a damm liar.Tom wasn’t married to Bridget and there are no laws that said he have to married her because she has a child with him – which century are you living in idiot. You and the author of this hate fill article need to remember one thing, this country was built on FREEDOM OF SPEECH, so dont tell Gisele that she can’t speak because you dont like what she has to say – and before I go why dont both of you go read the article in the magazine and stop making up thing of what Gisele has to say – she should hold her head very high and be proud to be mom and she is still breastfeeding her son who is 8 months old.

    • Thank you for your comment.

      As I said in my email to you, the wonderful thing in this country is that we have freedom of speech. Therefore, I can write something like this without fear of government retribution against me as can Dawn.

      As I also said in my email, I don’t think it is appropriate to attack my readers or me for stating an opinion that is different than yours. Discussion can occur in a respectful and appropriate manner. Please keep that in mind for any future postings. Thanks!

  3. Isn’t nice that you are preaching FREEDOM OF SPEECH now but Gisele must not be allow the same FREEDOM OF SPEECH as you and your readers, are you real lady? Please show me where I attack you and your readers as you claim, I am still shaking my head, you and your readers must talk crap but noone else – I get you driff.

    • Thank you for your comment.

      In response to your question as to where you say you are attacking people:
      “What a load of crap you post here…;” “you are a moron and a damn liar;”
      “which century are you living in you idiot;”

      Also, nowhere do I say say that Giselle shouldn’t say what she said. Merely that she should consider carefully how she says it.

  4. Ha! Who’s the idiot? I never said she didn’t have the right to say those things, I just said she’s an idiot for saying them. I never said he was married to Bridgette- or even that he should have married her. You need to actually READ what I posted, and comment on the actual material. Thanks.

  5. For the record, I actually enjoyed your ranting as a form of entertainment, but would have prefer an intelligent argument.

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