Heat, humidity and long days

These last few days have been very long for me.  Yesterday was a long day and I was at work at 6:30 this morning.  Tomorrow plans to be a long day as well. Another doctor’s appointment and physical therapy. I won’t get home until about 7:15 tomorrow night.  And then an anesthesia consult and my orthopedist’s appointment on Thursday.  That’s what you get for being thirty two weeks pregnant and getting over a broken ankle!

On a positive note, I had my re-evaluation with Physical Therapy yesterday.  My first appointment there was about a month ago and was an hour long, in which I was poked, prodded and manipulated.  I had to perform feats of strength (no pun intended) and balancing. Yesterday’s appointment was a half an hour re-evaluation that she did in order to provide some sort of report back to the orthopedist by my appointment on Thursday. And I have improved! Markedly so. I am nowhere near where I should be if I want to be hiking/skiing with the new addition in October or December, but I’m getting there. My balance still is just awful – but I’m eight months pregnant and huge so that may do it to my balance. But my range of motion is tremendously improved as is my strength. I’m walking up and down stairs normally, albeit a tad more slowly than before but I’m going down with alternate feet, which is an improvement over when I first got the boot off. I’m also walking without much of a noticeable limp. It’s morem arked at the end of the day, when I’m tired and when I wake up, when I’m all stiff, but still so much better.  I can’t wear heals yet, even the flats, because I get some pain but the pain during exercises and just walking normally is non-existent.  So exciting!

In my post tomorrow, I hope to be able to post on: the name we’ve decided on and show you a picture of how the room is coming along.

Also exciting, I’ve reviewed my latest read here. It’s called The Possibility of Everything and is a memoir written by Hope Edelman.

2 thoughts on “Heat, humidity and long days

  1. Oh goodness, balancing with a belly eight months pregnant? LOL! What were they thinking? I hope you feel much better post baby! Oh, and I can’t wait to hear her name!

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